69 Positions - Sex Positions of Kamasutra App Reviews

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Good App, very useful. Not Much different From 69 lite. Pics must be enhaced or add an extra angle for better understanding of some positions. Also should Allon ratings and search overdose peoples ratings

Awesome App!

Ive used it frequently to look up creative positions together with my girlfriend, very inspiring, keep up the great job! Thanks!

Nothing new here....

This app has no more than your everyday Kamasutra app and feels like a joke app. The app builder adds a silly comment to every positions description. Dont waste your money.

Not bad

The app is extremely helpful, has LOTS of positions, and me n my girlfriend use the random option, a cool feature, the only thing is the pictures, could use better illustrations

Very Interesting :)

Love the positions!

Not bad

Nothing really new

Very Good app

Gives a couple/group some great ideas to keep "active" in the bedroom


There is great ways to shake the Bed !!

Ahah very nice

Pretty useful app;) thx

Good for you

This is a grate was to learn

Very Interesting App

Must say interesting is just a word, there are of course many positions that take interesting to a new level. And I am most likely going to try all of them. Good App AJ

Pretty good

Good app


Not bad, could use some more variation. Fun tho. Worth the 99


Perfect for when were out of ideas... ;)


OMG!!! This is great stuff!! Thanks!! More than enhances your sex life!!


me and my gf had much fun, it worth it to buy the full version.

Oh What Fun!!

The illustrations elude to the fun that awaits any who want to add a little spice and bring some sizzle to their love life! Handily describes the how and certainly creates an atmosphere for adventure! Enjoy!

Fun times

A fun way to spice things up in the bedroom...or living room. When your mission is to get through all of them, brings back the excitement


Good diversity,well explained, great interface. Definitely something Id recommend to a friend!!


Modest but effective. This app is 5 stars for sure.

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